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Some Temperature Facts and Figures
 15,700,000°C      28,260,032°F     Core of the Sun
 10,000,000°C      18,000,032°F     Heart of a nuclear explosion
 20,000°C      36,032°F     Plasma arc welder
 6,000°C      10,832°F     Surface of the Sun
 5,500°C      9,932°F     Earth's core
 1,768.3°C      3,214.94°F     Melting point of Platinum
 1,538°C      2,800.4°F     Melting point of Iron
 1,064.18°C      1,947.52°F     Melting point of Gold
 356.58°C      673.84°F     Boiling point of Mercury
 327.46°C      621.43°F     Melting point of Lead
 100°C      212°F     Boiling point of water
 57.8°C      136.04°F     Hottest recorded outdoor temperature
(El Azizia, Libya, Sept 13, 1922)
 37°C      98.6°F     Normal human body temperature
 20°C      68°F     Typical room temperature
 0°C      32°F     Freezing point of water
-38.83°C     -37.89°F     Freezing point of Mercury
-40°C     -40°F     Temperature where °C=°F
-78.2°C     -108.76°F     Temperature of 'dry ice' (solid CO2)
-89.2°C     -128.56°F     Coldest recorded outdoor temperature
(Antarctica, July 21, 1983)
-183°C     -297.4°F     Boiling point of Liquid Oxygen
-185°C     -301°F     Coldest point on the Moon
(floor of Shackleton crater)
-195.79°C     -320.42°F     Boiling point of Liquid Nitrogen
-268.93°C     -452.07°F     Boiling point of liquid Helium
-270.42°C     -454.76°F     Temperature of the Universe's background
microwave radiation
-273.15°C     -459.67°F     Absolute Zero

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